Strategic Plan Framework

  • Our Pillars of Urban Excellence and Mission


    The Lowell Public School System provides an inspiring, engaging and empowering education by creating the “Pillars of Urban Excellence” to support and drive its vision.


    Pillar 1:  Excellent Teaching and Learning, Everywhere

    The Lowell Public School System establishes high expectations for excellent teaching and learning by focusing on overarching, instructional strategies including inquiry and reflective practice, data-informed decision making, and academic discourse supported through collaborative and continual professional learning opportunities.  


    Pillar 2:  Students Learn in a Respectful and Joyful Community that Attends to the Whole Child

    The Lowell Public School System understands and responds to the needs and interests of the whole child by providing respectful and joyful learning experiences for all students, embracing students’ diversity, supporting their personal safety and social-emotional well being, addressing their physical and nutritional needs and by nurturing their talents and interests before, during, afterschool and throughout the summer months.


    Pillar 3: Students Learn from a Highly Qualified, Expert and Diverse Workforce

    The Lowell Public School System populates its schools with highly skilled administrators, teachers, and support staff. We will refocus our recruitment efforts to build a diverse workforce and to continue to seek out and retain the highest quality individuals to serve our learners and their families.


    Pillar 4: Every Educator Engages Parents, The Community, and Partners

    The Lowell Public School System operates transparently and engages in effective collaboration and responsive communication with all families, community stakeholders and community partners by providing and utilizing timely, accurate data to support financial decision-making, envisioning of the district's future, and long-range planning.


    Pillar 5: All Schools Have Adequate, Equitable, and Safe Facilities and Resources

    The Lowell Public School System offers a cost effective education that maximizes taxpayer dollars and utilizes effective practices, academic research, and rigorous evaluation to provide students and staff the facilities, resources, materials and infrastructure required for excellent teaching and learning in a safe and healthy environment.