• Lowell Public Schools Health and Wellness Committe Meetings SY 2018-2019


    • June 14th, 2019

    8:30- 10:00 ( Continental Breakfast will be served)

    155 Merrimack St. Lowell

    4th floor ( Student Support Conf. Room)


    Past meetings for SY 2018.19

     October 26, 2018

     Jan 2019 ( webinar)

     March 29th 2019

     June 14th 2019



     Why Focus on Health and Wellness?

        A growing number of children come to school with health related issues and engage in negative health behaviors that sap their motivation to learn and threaten their future


    The purpose of the School Wellness Committee is to have a Coordinated Strategy:

      Identify gaps in services

      Build collaboration within school department

      Build partnerships with public health, health professionals and community organizations

    Wellness Policy Requirements include:

        Goals for nutrition education, physical activity, and other wellness promotion activities.

        Nutrition guidelines for all food available on each school campus

        Guidelines for school meals that are not less restrictive than USDA guidelines

        Plans to measure how well schools meet policy goals. Make at least one person in each school responsible for ensuring that the school develops and implements the Wellness Policy.

    Road Map to get there:  Form a Health Advisory Council to develop a local wellness policy. Members to include parents, students, school committee members, administrators, food service members, and the public.  Meet a minimum of 4 times per year 

          Include the wellness policy in the school district goals and improvement plan for each individual school.

          Identify a district administrator who will ensure the school complies with the law and to help develop and implement the wellness policy.

         Conduct a needs assessment to identify needs and to set goals

         Publicize and build widespread support for your district’s policy in the local community. 

         Establish a way to measure and monitor the progress of the wellness policy activities. 

          Monitor the wellness policy and make changes as needed