Remote Learning Plan

  • Because of the long-term closure of all schools in Massachusetts, the state has asked all schools to implement a remote learning program. Nothing can take the place of the daily in-person interactions that our teachers have with our students. But, until we are able to return to school, we are prepared to offer our students a meaningful and engaging learning experience that also accounts for the pressures that families and staff are encountering during this pandemic.


    Please review the documents posted below detailing this remote learning plan. Your child’s school will also be guiding you through this process and supporting your child’s learning throughout the closure.



    Remote Learning Outline for Preschool: 
    English | Spanish | Portuguese | Khmer | Swahili


    Remote Learning Outline for Grades K-4: 
    English | Spanish | Portuguese | Khmer | Swahili


    Remote Learning Outline for Grades 5-8: 
    English | Spanish | Portuguese | Khmer | Swahili


    Remote Learning Outline for Lowell High School: 
    English | Spanish | Portuguese | Khmer | Swahili


    MESSAGE FROM THE SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT: Find out more about how special education services and processes will be conducted during this mandated school closure and what remote learning opportunities will look like for students with disabilities: English | Spanish | Portuguese | Khmer | Swahili   


    If you need any any page or document on this website translated in another language, please click on the translate tab at the top right corner of the Lowell Public Schools website and select a language. On a mobile device, click on menu, then click on translate, and then select a language.  


    If you have any additional questions or concerns on this matter, please call 978-674-4320 or submit your question/concern using our online form. If you have any health-related questions, please call the Lowell Health Department at 978-674-4010.