Remote Learning Grading Information

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    The Lowell Public Schools continues our commitment to supporting students and families during this period of remote learning.  We understand that the needs of our community are consistently evolving, and the plans for remote learning and grading are designed with this in mind. Remote learning is not expected to recreate the same learning experiences that students would have in a traditional school day. Therefore, grading during this period of remote learning is not intended to replicate our traditional approach to grading. 


    In the elementary grades, student ratings from the first two trimesters prior to the school closure will remain final. Families received report cards from the winter trimester, and at the close of school, and families will receive their final report card based on their students’ progress this year that includes ways they have demonstrated growth during remote learning.  At the middle level, students’ grades from the first and second quarter will remain final and used to create the numerical final grade.  Additionally, families will receive a progress report, and a final report card that includes student progress from the period just prior to the school closure and remote learning.


    All schools that serve grades K-8 in Lowell will follow the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidance to award students “credit” or “no credit” for their work during remote learning in the form of a “credit” or “incomplete” rating.  Student ratings will be determined based on evidence of students’ engagement in learning experiences, including, but not limited to, the degree to which students complete learning assignments to the best of their ability, and the degree to which students and families communicate with educators.  Schools understand that families are facing a range of challenges, so schools will make considerations regarding equitable access to learning experiences including technology, health, and learning needs for students with disabilities and English Language Learners when determining student ratings.


    For high school students in the Lowell Public schools, student ratings for semester one will be used to calculate student Grade Point Averages for the 19-20 school year. For Semester Two, in alignment with the K-8 levels and the recommendations of DESE, students will also earn a “credit” or “no credit” rating based on the degree to which students meet the learning expectations in their courses. Students’ work prior to the school closure on March 13th will determine their grade for Quarter Three.  Quarter Four represents the work completed during remote learning. Similarly, educators understand the range of challenges that students may face accessing learning and are committed to flexibility to support students including no penalties for late work and continuous opportunities to work with their teachers to resubmit and revise work.  Students who are not able to earn credit during remote learning will have opportunities for credit recovery in Summer and Fall 2020. Please see the Lowell High School Remote Learning Grading Policy for specifics regardings weighting, timelines, and Dual Enrollment.


    We encourage families to connect with the Lowell Public School educators supporting their students when there are barriers and challenges that are impacting students ability to engage in learning, so we can work in partnership with our community to support access to these valuable learning experiences.  We will continue to provide updates as the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education updates guidance and recommendations to school districts.