Remote Learning Plan Highlights

  • The LPS Remote Learning Task Force - composed of principals, teachers, staff and parents from across the district - worked together to develop a plan designed to provide a robust learning environment for students across multiple subject areas. 


    The remote plan is designed to establish consistent online platforms creating bridges between the educators and the families with regard to instruction, assignments, and communication to make learning and school completely virtual and able to be done in a remote setting through both live teaching lessons and independent work. 


    This is not the same remote learning plan used during the emergency closure last school year. The key to instituting an improved remote learning plan is the district being able to provide every student with their own device. Considerations will also be made for students with IEPs or with 504 plans needing adaptive technology. 


    In addition to a consistent technological platform for each grade level,  there will be required attendance, as well as greater feedback for students through a more typical grading scale. LPS remote learning will follow grade-level instruction and Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. 


    Students can expect a consistent schedule of instruction, including set hours for live teaching and consultation with teachers. Staff will also have time available for collaboration, training, and parent meetings as needed. 


    Adults may need to support students in setting up the technology in a place conducive to school work and work with school staff to ensure student attendance and participation, but overall, this remote learning model will not require the same amount of adult involvement as during the emergency closure.  


    Much of the work is anticipated to be a blend of daily teacher-directed instruction and student independent work following a predictable and structured schedule of instructional delivery. Remote learning for the 2020-2021school year will utilize an online platform that was specifically designed for remote learning, including built-in learning activities and assignments that are aligned with grade-level learning standards and learning goals.  


    While students in PreK-4 who select remote learning will be assigned to a remote program within their assigned school, students in grades 5-12 who participate in remote learning will be assigned to a newly created online school within the district.  By focusing on a new online school for the secondary schools, we will be able to focus on providing the best online learning experience for our students, utilizing best practices and technology platforms for delivering remote learning instruction.  All students participating in the 5-12 remote school will return to the school they were attending in the 2019-2020 school year for the subsequent school year.  If extracurricular activities are available, students would be able to participate at the school building to which they would have been assigned.


    LPS Food Services will continue with its grab and go meal distribution sites to support students in our remote learning program. Once finalized, the meal site schedule will be shared with families via the district website, as well as by phone call and email.