• LPS Principals/Supervisors 

    COVID positive test results procedure and 

    CLOSE CONTACT general information 

    (updated 12/18/20)




    If you are notified by a staff member or student (or their guardian) that a student or staff member has tested positive for COViD-19, please do the following:


    1. Immediately call: 
      1. Assistant HR Director, Daroth Yann, at 978-674-2046 or District Safety Coordinator, Marianne Busteed, at 978-429-7970.  Daroth/Marianne will review the next steps with you.  Do not share or discuss employee or student health information with anyone other than your school nurse and HR/DSC.  
    1. Inform your school nurse and/or the health department at 978-674-4308 with the following information:


    1. Identity of the known positive case (confirmed test results - these can be sent by email or text as a      screenshot) as a staff member or student
    1. When was the positive test result received?
    2. When were the first signs of COVID symptoms?
    3. Name of any school staff or students who may be considered “close contacts”?
    4. When was the individual last in the school setting?
    1. Student: Grade level, or Staff Member: Job Title
    2. Send out COVID positive letter to all families and staff in your school community, copy Linus Guillory and Marianne Busteed


    If a staff member or student is deemed a close contact  (cumulative contact of 15 mins or more within 6’of an infectious individual over a 24 hour period) per the health department, the following information is requested as verification:

    1. Letter/notice from the health department indicating the employee is a close contact including the last day of contact with COVID positive individual and return to work date, if available.
    2. Decision on whether the staff person will work remotely during the quarantine period - this must be approved by the principal and Dr. Guillory.
    3. If a staff member is not feeling well, they should stay home sick and follow-up with their doctor, and then inform their supervisor.  Please remind staff/students to stay home if they are awaiting COVID testing results.


     The full guidance can be found here: https://www.mass.gov/guidance/information-and-guidance-for-persons-in-quarantine-due-to-covid-19 .


    *** Note:  All information official information regarding quarantine days, return to work dates, etc. should be through the health department, tracer or school nurse.