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sound instruments
  • In the first trimester:

    • Students develop an interest in air and weather by experiencing air as a material, the force of air pressure, changes of weather over time, weather instruments, Sun and Moon locations and seasonal changes, all while organizing and communicating observations along with acquired vocabulary in a science journal.

  • In second trimester:

    • Students will be using the Engineering Design Process to solve engaging problems.








  • In third timester

    • Students learn that sound comes from vibrating objects, how to change sound volume and pitch, and develop simple models for how sound travels from a source to a receiver.
    • With light, students also work with sources and receivers, find out what happens with different materials, and explore how to create and change shadows and reflections.
    • Students explore how to use sound and light devices to communicate information and compare the ways that animals use their senses (ears and eyes) to gather information about their environment.