marble maze
rock formation image
  • In the first trimester:

    • The Motion, Force, and Models Module has four investigations that focus on the physical science concepts of force and motion and provide students with in-depth experiences with scientific and engineering practices. Students will
      • Ask questions about systems in the natural and designed worlds, including pendulums, springs, and ramps and balls.

      • Design and conduct controlled experiments to find out what variables affect the transfer of energy.

      • Use data and logic to construct and communicate reasonable explanations about forces and motion.

      • Work with others as scientists and engineers to create conceptual and physical models to explain how something works.

      • Plan designs, select materials, construct products, evaluate, and improve ideas to meet specific criteria.

    • In the second trimester:

      • Students will be using the Engineering Design Process to solve engaging problems.







  • In the third trimester:

    • The Soils, Rocks, and Landforms unit provides students with firsthand experiences with soils and rocks and modeling experiences using tools such as topographic maps and stream tables to study changes to rocks and landforms at Earth’s surface.