• The Lowell Public Schools is committed to enhancing and sustaining a safe and healthy learning environment for all.  As such, we pledge to provide all students with a respectful environment that is free from bullying and cyberbullying, where all school community members treat one another with respect and appreciate the rich diversity in our schools.  A safe learning environment is one in which every student develops emotionally, physically and academically in a caring and supportive atmosphere free of intimidation and abuse.

    The Lowell Public Schools goal of a safe and healthy learning environment is an integral part of our district’s comprehensive efforts to promote learning and enable students to achieve their personal and academic potential.  Our methodology is to eliminate all forms of bullying and harmful behavior that can impede the learning process through a multi-tiered approach that includes prevention, effective and compassionate intervention and community-wide collaboration.

    The Lowell Public Schools is committed to working with students, staff, families, law enforcement agencies and the community to prevent issues of bullying and violence.  This Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan incorporates a comprehensive approach for preventing, intervening and responding to incidents of bullying, cyberbullying and retaliation.