Free Breakfast and Lunch

    Students have FREE breakfast and lunch available to them every day, regardless if they have brought a meal from home. In fact, school breakfast is linked to better attendance rates, improved behavior, decreased tardiness and better memory and comprehension. Breakfast is served in a grab-and-go style, and includes the choice of a whole grain, fruit, and milk option. Each lunch offered contains all five components from the USDA Nutrition Standards for School Meals: Low-Fat Dairy, Lean Protein, Whole Grain, Fruit, and Vegetable. Students must take three out of the five options to ensure a balanced meal. Eating school meals saves time, money, and ensures daily nutritional needs are met throughout the school day! 

    Offer vs. Serve

    We operate under the Offer vs. Serve model, which gives students the option to choose which components they want as long as they select three of the five options, which must include a fruit or a vegetable. Students are provided several delicious hot and cold meals to choose from, as well as a variety of fruit and vegetables each day. We strive to provide the best quality products, which include local whole-grain bread products from Fantini Baking Co in Haverhill, MA and salad greens from Little Leaf Farms in Devens, MA. To increase student participation, we offer special Limited Time Offer and Harvest of the Month menu options monthly to highlight flavor forward recipes and emphasize local produce wherever possible. 


    • CEP:
      • Due to the district's Community Eligibility Provision, all students have access to ONE FREE reimbursable breakfast and ONE FREE reimbursable lunch per school day
    • Non-Reimbursable Meal:
      • If a student elects not to take ALL components of a reimbursable meal, the student must pay for the items at the a la carte price.  NO Charging for a la carte items
    • Second Meals:
      • If a student requests a second meal, the student must pay for the meal based on the a la carte pricing:  NO Charging for a la carte items
    • Adult Meals:
      • Pricing for adult meals: 
        • A complete breakfast: $2.85
        • A complete Lunch: $5.10
        • A la carte pricing for menu items is also available.
        • No Charging for complete meals or a la carte for adults


    All Points of Sales are updated with A la Carte Pricing