QuaverSEL presents an innovative approach to social and emotional learning that focuses on the needs of PreK-5 students and the teachers and counselors who support them!

    Group of five elementary students stand hugging in front of an interactive whiteboard in a classroom with an activity on friendship displayed.
    • Elementary Expertise: More than a decade of experience and success serving PreK-5 teachers and students
    • Evidence-Based Instruction: Curriculum is aligned to CASEL competencies and designed to grow with the needs of your youngest learners 
    • Spanish Resources: QuaverSEL has over 150 songs in English and Spanish that align to CASEL competencies.
    • Flexible and Measurable: Lessons empower educators to make time for SEL in the academic day and to easily track skill development
    • Engaging and Effective: QuaverSEL is fun for students and teachers, creating an environment of caring and connection in every corner of your school campus