School Waitlist

  • Parents and Guardians this document is used to determine position in the waitlist order for schools throughout the district. As you scroll through the document, you will find your school in alphabetical order, and when you reach your school section you will see the list of children in order on the waitlist. Look down the left hand column of the sheet to find the LASID (local student ID number) assigned to your child. Once you have located the LASID you can see how many children are on the waitlist ahead of your position. This is your place in the waitlist until someone ahead of you enters the school or removes themselves from the waitlist. The second column identifies the school the waitlist is for. The third column is very important and identifies if there is a sibling that either is enrolled or might be enrolled in that school. If the field says FALSE then there is no sibling for that student, and if it is TRUE then that student does have a sibling that could potentially take priority on the waitlist. Please remember that siblings take priority over place on the wait list, and your wait list position could be impacted if the sibling comes to that school while you are on the waitlist. Please consult the School Assignment Policy Page so you are familiar with factors that impact school assignment and waitlists. The final column on the sheet is the present grade level of your child. This document is intended to bring more clarity and transparency to the waitlist process, and allow you to see your position for your waitlist school(s). The data is generated form the student information system, and this document will be refreshed regularly to ensure you always have the latest information.