School Selection

  • Choosing a school for your child is an important decision, and one a parent should make after looking over what each school has to offer. Lowell is split into two zones – Zone 1 and Zone 2. You may select a school in the zone where you live, or you may select one of the citywide schools.


    It is suggested to choose three preferred schools during the registration process. Keep in mind that the Lowell Public School district is considered a "school of choice" district. Therefore, it should not be assumed that your neighborhood school will be available to you as your first choice due to space availability or minority/non minority federal mandates. Also, a specialized sub separate program that your child may require might only be available at certain schools.


    Additionally, it is important to consider the starting and ending times for each school, as well as your needs for before and after school care.


    • Please note that zones only apply for students in grades K-8.

    • Preschool families can pick any three schools; though we do encourage preschool families to select a school close to their home since there is no transportation for preschool. 

    • Students in grades 9-12 attend Lowell High School. There is no regular schoolbus transportation for high school students. High school students are encouraged to use the LRTA bus system. Students should see their guidance councillor to get a Charlie Card for free transportation to and from school on the LRTA.


    Use the link to our school map below to help you find out which schools are in your zone. When you open the map, simply click on the magnify glass on the top left of the page, enter your home address into the search area, and a red pin will drop on the map. You will then see a red icon representing each school building in your zone. Click on the icons for general school information, and click the link within the information screen to visit the school website. On each school website you can take a virtual tour of the building, and find out more about the school. All of the pertinent contact information for that building is also available for you. There is also a list of schools by their zone below the map link.



    Graphic Link to School Listing Map



    Zone 1

    • Bailey Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • Daley Middle School (5-8)
    • McAvinnue Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • Morey Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • Murkland Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • Pawtucketville Memorial Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • Stoklosa Middle School (5-8)
    • Wang Middle School (5-8)


    Zone 2

    • Butler Middle School (5-8)
    • Greenhalge Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • McAuliffe Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • Reilly Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • Shaughnessy Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • Sullivan Middle School (5-8)
    • Washington Elementary School (PreK - 4)



    • Bartlett Community Partnership School (PreK - 8)
    • Cardinal O'Connell Early Learning Center (PreK)
    • Lincoln Elementary School (PreK - 4)
    • Lowell High School (9-12)
    • Moody Elementary School (K - 4)
    • Pyne Arts Magnet School (PreK - 8)
    • Robinson Middle School (5 - 8)
    • STEM Academy (K - 8)


    If you have specific questions about the school you are always welcome to contact the school principal directly by phone or email. You can also always call the Family Resource Center at 978-674-4321. Our staff is available daily to assist families with all of their registration and school selection needs.