Looking to have your child evaluated?

  • Are you looking to request a special education evaluation for your child?


    Please write a letter to the Special Education Department and be sure to include the following information.


    • Student's Name
    • Date of Birth
    • School the student currently attends
    • Specific concerns you have about your child
    • Parent's name and address
    • Parent's daytime phone number
    • Language spoken by parent


    Please mail your letter to:


    Lowell Public Schools

    Special Education Department

    155 Merrimack St. 5th Floor

    Lowell, MA 01852



    If you have gone through the Special Education process with your not yet enrolled PreK aged student, and he/she was found eligible for services please follow these steps once your child's IEP has been received. 


    1. Sign and return the 2 signature pages for the IEP (IEP and Placement page)


    2. Take the following materials to: 


    Family Resource Center

    151 Merrimack St.

    Lowell, MA 01852 


    1. Your copy of the IEP


    2. A copy of your child's birth certificate


    3. A copy of your child's immunization records


    4. Proof you reside in Lowell (utility bill, lease/mortgage, etc.)


    5. Parent's photo ID 


    You must personally report to the Family Resource Center to submit these materials and sign the registration forms.


    If you would like, you can contact Denise Lafferty who can help you with this process, her phone number is (978)674-2050.