Special Education Team

  • Reilly Elementary School

    Preschool - 4th grade

    CSA Program


    Special Education Team


    Evaluation Team Chairperson (ETC) - Lisa R Mendoca

    Psychologist - Sheela Pyles

    Special Education Social Worker - Stephanie Gabriel

    Speech Language Pathologist - (SLP) - Robin Pelletier

    Speech Language Pathologist Asst. - (SLPA) - Nathalie Mitri

    Occupational Therapist - (OT) -  Angel Richmond

    Physical Therapist - (PT) - Carol O'Neil

    Board Certified Behavioral  Analyst - (BCBA) - Mikaela Keefe



Available Special Education Programs

  • Adjustment Program 


    Mission Statement: The mission of the Adjustment Program of Lowell Public Schools, in partnership with parents and the community, is to provide students with an array of supports that allow each individual to succeed within the school environment and generalize these skills across all settings, including their home and the community. The end goal is for students to reintegrate into the mainstream environment and become successful learners. The teacher/student relationship and the promotion of adult/student trust is a cornerstone of the program. 

    Through a rigorous and supportive educational program, we strive to motivate each student to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. We recognize that students need to have their social and emotional needs met in order to be ready to learn. We use positive behavior support as a means to encourage mutual respect and a safe learning environment. 

    Program Description: The Adjustment Program provides students with a structured, safe, and consistent environment that  incorporates a therapeutic approach. Each classroom is staffed with a highly qualified teacher, providing students with rigorous academic instruction. Classroom supports  include a full-time paraprofessional,  Special Education Social Worker, and a Behavior Specialist. The program is also supported by the building based Special Education Team, which includes a School Psychologist and Evaluation Team Chairperson. In addition to academic support, students receive direct and explicit social skills instruction by a social worker and consultation from the Behavior Specialist. A behavior modification system is utilized in the classroom. 

    The foundation of our adjustment program is centered and grounded on procedures based upon the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Applied behavior analysis is the science of human behavior. ABA improves important behaviors. Important behaviors are behaviors that are of social significance,  and that we target to change.