Special Education Team

  • The Career Academy 

    9th grade - 12th grade


    Special Education Team


    Evaluation Team Chairperson (ETC) - Michelle McArthur

    Psychologist - Marin Cleary

    Special Education Social Worker - Karen Sullivan

    Speech Language Pathologist  - (SLP) - Lyndsey Cowan

    Occupational Therapist - (OT) - Kelly Tavares

    Physical Therapist - (PT) - Deborah Webster

    Board Certified Behavioral Specialist - TBD

Available Special Education Programs

  • The Lowell Career Academy offers a gateway for its students to achieve current goals through rigorous academics, exposure to career development and building the social-emotional skills needed to get there. Our students develop strong, healthy relationships based on respect and tolerance. They are inventive thinkers and attack all goals with tenacity and perseverance. By engaging and partnering with the community, we provide a comprehensive network of supports that traverse out-of-school barriers and prepare students for success beyond high school. The student’s Career Academy experience culminates as they embark on a path to reach their future goals of meaningful careers, maintaining solid relationships and being productive citizens. 


    Mission Statement

    The Career Academy re-engages off-track students to become successful in a setting with increased supports, smaller classes, flexible scheduling, and competency-based teaching and learning.