Special Education Team

  • Washington Elementary School

    Preschool - 4th grade

    CSA Program


    Special Education Team


    Evaluation Team Chairperson (ETC) - Cari-Ann Edwards

    Psychologist - Martina Schueler

    Special Education Social Worker - Hariklea Qirjazi

    Speech Language Pathologist - (SLP) Courtney Mahoney

    Speech Language Pathologist Asst. (SLPA) - Xena Ceron

    Physical Therapist - (PT) - Deborah Webster

    Board Certified Behavioral Analyst - (BCBA) - Emerson Jones


Available Special Education Programs

  • CSA Program


    Program Components: The Program for Children with Autism (CSA program) is a full day, five-day a week program during the school year with extended year services available with the team's recommendation. Instruction takes place in a small, highly structured environment with integrated therapeutic instruction embedded within the curriculum with goals established through assessment and data collection to reflect the individual needs of students. The program offers a small staff to student ratio where students are taught using a combination of small group and individualized instruction. Related support services include Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy as recommended by the Educational Team. Related service providers, building based teams (social worker, psychologist, ETC), BCBAs, District Behavior Specialists and the Autism Support Specialist collaborate with classroom staff to support the development and integration of skills throughout the school day. 

    The District Autism Support Specialist and the BCBA/District Behavior Specialists consult to our programs, attend IEP meetings, provide home support, and consult with parents and outside providers, as needed. They provide on-going staff training and in class support through modeling and coaching techniques. 

    Home component services can be provided using a consultation or direct in home service method. Staff work collaboratively with families to determine which method of home component services will best meet the needs of the family and student to provide the greatest benefits.