Special Education Team

  • Leblanc Therapeutic Day School

    8th grade - 12th grade


    Special Education Team


    Evaluation Team Chairperson (ETC) - Michelle McArthur

    Psychologist - Marin Cleary

    Special Education Social Worker - Laura Bilodeau

    Occupational Therapist - Kelly Tavares

    Speech Language Pathologist - (SLP) - Mike Dormer

    Physical Therapist - (PT) - Deborah Webster

Available Special Education Programs

  • At the LeBlanc School, students and staff work together to create a safe, supportive, caring and mutually respectful community.  We teach coping strategies for each student's individual needs, by utilizing a collaborative decision-making model for effective self-management of emotions and behaviors.  Building upon academic knowledge and focusing on talents and strengths, we inspire and encourage our students to develop intrinsic values that will enable them to be successful and positive participants in today’s world.